Thursday, February 28, 2008


One lesson I've learned last year was about "sharing".

My husband and I are starting to support some missionaries in Africa. And we've noticed the miracles we've been experiencing in our lives (spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially). The times that we tried to hold on too tightly, those were the times that things are starting to go rough on us. And we've learned from those experiences. That's why, we willingly give as God commands.

Sharing is not a natural human quality. It was a leap of faith for me. The smallest of children , as I've observed, learn to say, "Mine!" Even mature adults struggle with generosity. It's not always easy when someone asks us to share our time, home, talent, or money. In fact, we can come up with many reasons why we should politely decline.

But consider for a moment, all we are has been handed to us by God- on loan, actually, for the duration of our lifetime here on earth (Heard of the song in the Philippines "Hiram?") And His purpose for giving to us so generously is that we might imitate His benevolent goodness and give in return. God places us in a position to bless others with our abundance, and then, amazingly, He blesses us even more when we obey. How can we lose?

An inspiring and encouraging letter from my Mom-In-Law


When you influence even one life, you change the course of all of history. We will never understand until we get to heaven the tremendous impact that our ministry in individual lives changed the whole world. As a result of one man overhearing the godly conversation of two women, Willaim Carey got saved and started the first missionary movement in the world. Those women will never know until heaven what they did to change the world.Keep being faithful.

Love Mom

Jesus is Lord!

Growing...and still growing...

When I moved here and away from my hometown, i struggled. But the adjustment was not too long for me. I cope up with their culture and adapt to their food.

However, the hardest struggle for me was dealing with my spiritual growth (which is the most important aspect of my life). Yes, i go to Sunday services. But I'm not involved in the ministry where I used to be. Discipling youth. Preaching in midweek services and on youth activities. Joining camps and revival meetings. Feeding unpriveleged children. Handling cell groups. Always on the go for mission trips...Well, It's never the same with me here. Indeed, I missed the "former days". But I couldn't live on my past. I've met a lot of Christians. Some were really matured. But I could hardly find time to spend with them cause they have their own families and priorities in life. Distance also is one of the issues. Others are no different from the world. Compromising. A different person on Sunday, and another person in a week. You would be surprise to know that you go to the same Church. It's hard to find real Christian friends here these days especially that everybody is busy with "work".

So, I am just thankful to God that even if I may not always be in a godly crowd, HE provided me a godly company- my husband. Our devotions everyday helped so much. Praying together is what's giving me strength. I am so grateful that God is faithful in keeping the promises He made to me before I left Philippines, "I Myself goes before you and will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." (deut. 31:8) HE knows that it is easy for me to get discourage. HE knows that i would feel afraid and be plain scared. It's so securing to know that God would tell me this : "Before you even utter a word, I'm involved in answering. In fact, while you're speaking. I'm involved in bringing to pass the very thing I have planned from the get go." God had seen my heart's desire, my heart's cry for HIM. If God had provided me with a good godly husband, and for my daily needs (my physical and emotional needs)...i know HE would find ways to make sure I would grow spiritually. This is GOD'S PART in My life.

My PART. Now, that i've got much more time being a housewife (which is not an easy task as many thought it was), I must see to it that I would still find time with GOD. Even being home alone, i could sill be distracted of so many things that would keep me away from God -like TV, internet, household chores, long nap on the bed and food in the ref. Becoming a worshipper, with my dog as my audience, is as much more exciting to me as to worship God in public. And I think it's much better...hahaha... Secondly, being a woman of WORD keeps me "alive." There's nothing like God's WORD -the Bible. And thirdly, conversations with long distance friends (thanks be to unlimited calls within the States) and my emails about GOD (around the world) are my means of witnessing and ministering to them. It seemed I've never made a difference. But i simply did. God's solutions are often strange and simple, sudden and surprising.

Nobody may notice, but God does...and that's all that matters to me.