Thursday, February 28, 2008


One lesson I've learned last year was about "sharing".

My husband and I are starting to support some missionaries in Africa. And we've noticed the miracles we've been experiencing in our lives (spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially). The times that we tried to hold on too tightly, those were the times that things are starting to go rough on us. And we've learned from those experiences. That's why, we willingly give as God commands.

Sharing is not a natural human quality. It was a leap of faith for me. The smallest of children , as I've observed, learn to say, "Mine!" Even mature adults struggle with generosity. It's not always easy when someone asks us to share our time, home, talent, or money. In fact, we can come up with many reasons why we should politely decline.

But consider for a moment, all we are has been handed to us by God- on loan, actually, for the duration of our lifetime here on earth (Heard of the song in the Philippines "Hiram?") And His purpose for giving to us so generously is that we might imitate His benevolent goodness and give in return. God places us in a position to bless others with our abundance, and then, amazingly, He blesses us even more when we obey. How can we lose?

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